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Spiritual Bio of Pastor Pamela Edwards Heller

        With over 45 years of experience in Ministry work, Pastor Pamela Edwards has worked in several capacities in the church. At the Gospel of Christ Apostolic Church in Los Angeles California where Dr. Clifton Edwards was the shepherd, she served as an Associate Pastor, Executive Administrator, Youth Dance Director and Finance Officer. As a Christian counselor, she has written several youth programs which include a 12 step teen out-patient program as well as the adult/youth combination counseling portion of the LA Sheriff VIDA Program delivered at U.C.A.N Community Counseling Center. Currently, she is the Program Manager at AVPH for their new Kinship department. She manages nine employees as they help Relative Caregivers care for children in out of home placements.

Pastor Pamela Edwards has two degrees, a Bachelor of Science in sociology from the University of San Diego at La Jolla and a Master of Science in Human Services/Counseling from Pepperdine University. She attended the University of Phoenix as a doctoral student in the School of Advance Studies-Leadership in Education program but found the program not suited for her future expertise. She has completed the course work for her PhD in Psychology at Capella University and is waiting for funding to complete her dissertation. She anticipates graduating in 2019. 

She has two children, Frances Brown Turner (Victor) and Armond Brown who work closely with her in ministry. Armond is the Music Director of the church, Frances is the Event Coordinator and Finance Officer and Victor is Head Security. 

She served as the Senior Pastor of the Gospel of Christ Christian Fellowship Church. God impressed upon her to continue the legacy of her father by opening a Ministry in January 11, 2015. Beginning with 15 people, God has blessed the ministry with a great congregation within a short period of time. The mission is to be community minded and serve those who need physical, mental and spiritual guidance.  As a surrendered servant, whatever God has for her to do, her answer is YES!

Pastor Pamela Edwards-Heller recently married Bishop Charles R. Heller last year in October 2017. Since married, they merged their churches; Next Dimension Ministries and the Gospel of Christ Christian Fellowship Church to the newly formed Kingdom Life Fellowship Church of Lancaster, CA. This is a thriving new ministry, home of the Tag-team! Our Motto is Simple;                                        


 “We Let the Word do the Work because the Word Works! 

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